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Demo mājas lapa. Mājas lapu izstrāde, uzturēšana. Papildus info

The Austrian company’s  "AME" technological devices are used for manufacturing process and  that provides the most advanced production method - vibropressing.
High quality raw materials, cement  and filler - washed sand and stone chips are used to produce the top quality products. High quality German company’s “Remei” coloring pigments are used in the production of colored paving blocks.

The quality of production is controlled by the accredited and certified laboratory. The tests certify that “Eko Bloks” products conform to current standards. "Eko Bloks" produced materials are environmentally clean and  widely applicable. The product has the advantage of operating longevity, shape and color diversity.

Product quality criteria
o The product outer surface of the pores can reach up to 5 mm in length and 3 mm in depth.
o wet surface after drying, can have noticeable small cracks. Such small cracks do not diminish the value of materials usage.
o To minimize possible variations in color shades when installing colored pavement, it is advisable to take products from several pallets at a time.
o In some cases when calcium hydroxide reacts with the air (carbon dioxide), the products may have some white efflorescence spots in the surface. Such whites are not a technical defect, they disappear after a while and do not diminish the quality of the product.

Operating and maintenance
Paving blocks and curbstones must be transported and stored on pallets, lifting machinery must be used when loading and unloading.
Maintaining the pavements and road coverge, it is strictly prohibited:
- to use sharp tools of  mechanisms and devices without the rubber linings to clean the surface from snow and ice,
- to use sand-salt mixture with a salt concentration higher than 5% for sanding in the winter.